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Currency Exchange Software


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  • Bureau de Change (BDC), Money Service Bureaus (MSBs)
  • Financial Institutions (banks, credit unions, etc...)
  • Forex traders & wholesalers of currency
  • Currency Exchangers in airports or malls
  • Travel Agencies
  • Hotels & motels
  • Import/Export/Trading companies
  • Shops, Cruise Liners & outlets in touristic areas
Keep track & control your daily monetary transactions


Top Software Features:

  • Automatic Currency Rate Update
  • Multi-Currency Calculator
  • Multi-user sign-in
  • Detailed Access Privilege system
  • Multi-till Management
  • Multi-currency Transactions in one invoice
  • End of Day Cash Control
  • Cheque and Wire module
  • IBAN and SWIFT Validation
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“The system is wonderful in terms of ease of use. All our financial sales representative prefer and love it over the previous system by American Express” 

– Richard Szczepaniak
Altour / American Express, USA

“CurrencyXchanger has been a true asset to our business and has allowed us to streamline compliance, reporting, stock management and data collection in a way that suits our retail environment.” 

– Cassy Pearson, Managing director
Exchange Now, Australia

Keep customer records on file along with their transactions
View profit & loss made on each currency & in total
Minimize human errors leading to loss
Prevent internal theft & intentional mistakes by malicious users
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Control your stock & have an exact idea about average cost, rates, etc...

Experience higher productivity & sales volume with automating your Foreign Exchange business

  • Customizable Receipts forms
  • Multi-currency sub-ledger accounts
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customizable AML policies
  • Scan & keep multiple Picture IDs for your customers
  • Automatic screening against 9 sancton lists
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