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Currency Exchange Software
for your Money Exchange Business

  • Bureau de Change (BDC)
  • Money Service Bureaus (MSBs)
  • Financial Institutions (banks, credit unions)
  • Forex traders & currency wholesalers
  • Travel Agencies
  • Hotels
  • Import/Export/Trading companies
  • Cruise ships
Keep track & control your daily monetary transactions


Top Features:

  • Automatic Currency Rate Update
  • Multi-Currency Calculator
  • Multi-user sign-in
  • Detailed password & access privilege system
  • Multi-till Management
  • Multi-currency Transactions in one invoice
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"After using a mutli-million dollar custom-designed point of sale system for many years, I anticipated it would be very difficult to find a replacement until I came across Clear View's CurrencyXchanger."

- Kim Hospodar, Financial Service Lead

Altour / American Express

"I like the system very much. We had two other systems prior to this one. I like that support is available whenever I call. No complaints. I certainly recommend this system!"

- Bineta Dieng, Customer Service Rep.

Omnex Group Inc., NJ, USA

Keep customer records on file along with their transactions
View profit & loss made on each currency & in total
Minimize human errors leading to loss
Prevent internal theft & intentional mistakes by malicious users


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Control your stock & have an exact idea about average cost, rates, etc...

Experience higher productivity & sales volume with automating your Foreign Exchange business

  • Customizable Receipts forms
  • Multi-currency sub-ledger accounts
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Scan & keep multiple Picture IDs for your customers
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